CALYOS attracts investment to boost the development and commercialisation of 2-phase heat transfer systems.

CALYOS attracts investment to boost the development and commercialisation of 2-phase heat transfer systems

Calyos has secured an investment of EUR 1.9M from an investor consortium comprising of Theodorus, Sambrinvest, OCAS Ventures, and private investors. Calyos develops heat pipes for use in a wide range of applications where concentrations of heat from electronic devices need to be efficiently dissipated, thereby increasing the reliability and the lifetime of electronic devices.

Calyos is a spin-out of Euro Heat Pipes, a leading European manufacturer of heat pipes for the spatial industry who remains a key development partner for Calyos. The spin-out opens the heat pipe technology for use in non-space applications.

A heat pipe is a passive device that effectively transfers heat from one point to the other, sometimes called the ‘superconductors of heat’. With the tendency to miniaturization and the ever increasing power density within the electronics industry, the reliability and lifetime of electronic devices are key concerns. By reducing the temperature at the source and the use of remote cold sources, this reliability can be significantly optimized. Weight and volume reductions through a more efficient power management are battlefields for the use of electronics in transport applications. In addition heat pipes are maintenance-free, have no energy consumption and increase the life-time of electronics, resulting in a low total cost of ownership, a key driver in all industry markets. From its inception Calyos is positioned in a leading technology role offering its clients solutions with proven exceptional thermal performance.

Philippe Vercruyssen, Managing Partner at OCAS ventures and Chairman of Calyos, said “I was impressed by the world-class heat pipe technology of Calyos driven by unique material properties. It very well addresses the increasing need for heat management in a broad range of industries.”