CALYOS Fanless NSG - S0 supports all Intel and AMD multicore and its compatible motherboards, ATX/BTX compliant and also all graphic cards until Geforce GTX 1080. It can be assembled by the user to answer Do It Yoursefl addicts' demand.

Smart casing

Weight: 13kg
desktop, fanless, workstation, gaming

Following the excitement around our fanless workstation, Calyos made new designs to illustrate the LHP capacity to adress several user profiles offering fanless product.

Loop Heat Pipe cooling advantages:
desktop, fanless, workstation, gaming no leaks
desktop, fanless, workstation, gaming no breakdown
desktop, fanless, workstation, gaming no maintenance

NSG - S0 is the perfect combination between performance and silence for gamers and regular users.

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Do you want your own  Calyos Fanless Desktop Gaming PC

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Calyos is looking for industrial partners specializing in PC/Desktop and casing manufacturing to commonly develop fanless products at a market price.

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