Belgian cooling solutions provider Calyos, recently opened a subsidiary in Taiwan, Taipei City, aiming to strengthen its relations with Asian clients. On a datacenter market dominated by US and Asian market leaders, a local presence in Asia is a strategic asset for Calyos to better collaborate with Taiwanese and Chinese players.
As thermal challenges become more and more critical for datacenter players because of density and power increase, the lack of cooling solutions for new and next generation processors positions Calyos among the few vendors capable to support datacenter’s current and future thermal challenges.
Being a main place for electronic subcontracting, Taiwan gathers most of Asian datacenter companies having presence in Taipei. Direct connections to Chinese main cities also offer a good proximity with headquarters located in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen…
Hosted at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry France Taiwan (CCIFT), Calyos office is located in the business district of Taipei city. In charge of managing technical development steps with existing clients, a local presence will also bring new opportunities to Calyos on the Asian market.

Next event in Asia for Calyos team will be Computex from 30th May to 3rd of June in Taipei.
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Calyos would like to thank Agence Wallone à l’Exportation (AWEX) for its support and advise in this project.
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