CALYOS COOLING: powerful, pumpless and passive

Calyos is the global leader in Advanced 2-Phase Cooling Solutions for electronic components. Based upon its unique and extensive expertise in Loop Heat Pipe (LHP) technologies, Calyos provides a comprehensive range of high performance, pumpless and passive platform cooling solutions for High Performance Computing (HPC) and Power Electronics (PE).

Solution provider for OEM/ODM integrators, Calyos has 2 product lines:

  • • CALYTRONICS for Electronics applications (Data Centers, Telecom, Defence, etc.),
  • • CALYPOWER for Power Conversion applications (Railway, Renewables, Industrial Drives, etc.).

They significantly reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO) of its final users by enabling cleaner, more reliable, more powerful and more energy efficient customer applications. They offer significant improvements over existing cooling solutions.




With state-of-the-art design tools (2-Phase Models, CFD–FlothermXT, ANSYS…), manufacturing (porous media) and test capabilities (high-end laboratory testing), Calyos provides a wide range of services to its clients from design to mass production, through prototyping, tests and qualification.


1966: Capillary Pumped Loop (CPL) Invention in USA

1971: Loop Heat Pipe (LHP) Invention in USSR

1975: R&D Department Created in SABCA-Belgium

1975-2000: R&D in LHPf or Space Applications

2001: EURO HEAT PIPES Incorporation (Spin-off of SABCA)

2001-2005: Focus on Space Applications

2006-2012: First Technology Transfersto non-Space Applications

2012: CALYPOWER Commercial Solutions for Railways Power Converter

2012: CALYOS Incorporation (Spin-out of Euro Heat Pipes)

2014: First CALYTRONICS Prototypes for High Performance Computing

2015: CALYPOWER Commercial Solutions for Wind Turbines Power Converters & MotorDrives

2015: CALYTRONICS Commercial Solutions for Air or Liquid Cooled Racks


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