The HPC industry is ever facing more and more challenges on various topics and especially a significant increase in cooling requirements. To meet those requirements, liquid cooling looks like the solution. But what looks and performs like a pumped water cooling without a pump, without water? Calyos Loop Heat Pipe cooling solution. It is as simple as a heatsink, as has the performance of water cooling.

Pump-free and Water-free

Today in 2016, Calyos sells an industrial cooling solution for server with low thermal resistance and high volumetric density. This local solution, avoiding any infrastructure adaptation, is an extended Air cooling solution taking advantage of the increased heat exchanger fins area allowed by the displacement of the dissipated heat from the CPU to more convenient places in (or outside) the server. Calyos LHP is a non-intrusive (only 2 thin, possibly long length and flexible tubes), jumps easily over any stumbling block and is easy to adapt to any board configuration and layout also able to address additional dissipating components (Memories, VRs, …) (read more)