As an electronic cooling expert, Calyos’ core business is to solve its clients’ thermal challenges by developing and manufacturing custom cooling solutions.

At the origin of the company, a research project which has been initiated by SABCA and Université Libre de Bruxelles (ULB) aiming to develop the technology at industrial level. From this successful research project, a company named Euro Heat Pipes (EHP) has been created in 2001. EHP’s core business is to develop cooling products for space applications using various technologies including the Loop Heat Pipe. After several years of operation, multiple companies from non-space industries asked EHP to solve their thermal challenges by adapting its space technologies.

company history with S.A.B.C.A. ALSTOM EURO HEAT PIPE.jpg

From these recurring inquiries, the company Calyos has been created in 2012 with the objective to adapt EHP technologies and know-how to non-space markets. After a technology transfer period, Calyos became the unique and exclusive user of EHP’s intellectual property for terrestrial applications.

Since its incorporation, the company extended its technical know-how and strengthened its manufacturing capability acquiring its own factory in 2016. Since then, Calyos has been working for multiple industries positioning itself as an electronic cooling expert able to support its clients in developing optimised products and relying on multiple technologies.

Aluminium Heat Sink.jpg

Aluminum Heatsink

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Embedded HeatSink.jpg

Embedded Heatsink

Vapor Chamber.jpg

Vapor Chamber

2 phases loop.jpg

2 phases loop