One of our solutions developed for Defense :

  • Heat source : numerous electronics components dispatched on a large area

  • Power total : up to 800 W

  • Heat density : up to 20 W/cm²

  • Cold source: structure of the vehicle (armour plate)

  • Cold source temperature : up to 65°C

  • Operating conditions: pumping against gravity, Passive cooling

Client Challenge_jaune2.png
  • Achieve very good thermal performance (< 0.05 K/W at 800W including two thermal interface materials)

  • Use passive cooling to ensure sufficient reliability

  • Operate against gravity

  • Flexibility to deal with manufacturing precision on large structure


  • Technology selection to achieve the targeted performance and deal with environmental and mechanical constraints

  • Custom evaporator designed and manufactured by CALYOS: active surface is 260 x 150 mm²

  • Custom cold plate heat exchanger connected to vehicle armour

  • Mechanical design for Line-Replaceable Unit (LRU)  requirements,

  • Selection and qualification of the thermal interface material,

  • Full military qualification (Climatic chamber, Fungus, Shocks & vib., salt mist, sand & dust, etc

Final Product Developed