Thermal Challenge

  • High Power Levels & hot spots

  • Power transport capability depends on cooling performance

  • Quick Power Variation

  • IGBT lifetime depends on cooling performance (reduce thermal amplitude)

  • Operation under acceleration (gravity or motion)

  • Low temperature performances (down to -50°C)

  • Power transport capability depends on cooling performance

Calyos Expertise

  • Lifetime oriented design (reduced maintenance)

  • Calyos has developed and qualified IGBT cooling products for various industries (Railway, Automotive, Electrical Equipments…)

  • Calyos performs thermal characterization under representative environment (temperature, accelerations),

  • Development of reduced numerical models and correlation for integration client software

  • Cooling technology selection and optimization of the thermal performances to decrease the junction temperature or to improve the capacity;

  • Impact of the system thermal performances on the IGBT lifetime

Discover Calyos solution for IGBT component :