One of our solutions developed for electrical equipments :

  • Heat source : IGBT power module (foot print: up to 190 x 140 mm²)

  • Power per component : up to 1.6 KW per module

  • Heat density : 28W/cm²

  • Cold source: Air (Natural Convection)

  • Cold source temperature : -40°C to +45°C

  • Operating conditions: Passive cooling, Power cycles

Client Challenge_jaune2.png

  • Optimise product’s TCO with thermal hot spot issue

  • Create a thermosiphon able to operate, passively (no check valve) with evaporators located anywhere with respect to condenser

  • Use thermal inertia of the heat sink to smooth thermal overload required by the norms

  • Minimize the fluid inventory thanks to 5 mm IGT copper tubes

  • Full power startup

  • Achieve 0.05 K/W at power module level

Final Product Developed