One of our Developed Solution for Electric Vehicules :

  • Heat source : Inverter power module

  • Power per power: 2.4 kW

  • Heat density: maximum 30 W/cm² (hot spot)

  • Cold source: Water EG 50%

  • Cold source temperature : -40°C to +50°C

  • Operating conditions : acceleration & braking induce fast and random power cycles

Client Challenge_jaune2.png

  • Reduce energy consumption dedicated to non engine components


  • Analyze power module thermal characteristics (hotspots, internal thermal resistance…)

  • Validate operating conditions (temperature range, power levels, mechanical environment, inclinations, accelerations, …)

  • Analyze existing offers and highlight their limitations

  • Select the two-phase technology and design a product offering:

    • Heat transfer capacity from the back to the front car panel (4m) where the heat exchanger is coupled to the liquid cooling loop

    • Full passivity avoiding energy consumption from the cooling

    • Thermal performance able to deal with power cycling (acceleration & braking)

  • Custom design, prototyping and integration into a real vehicle (BMW i3)

  • Adapting the Capillary Pumped Loop to a water heat exchanger offers waste heat recovery for cabin heating and extend the batteries range in winter conditions