Sales & Marketing Officer



The SMO will :

  • provide the CEO with all useful information "from the field"

  • recommend initiatives and growth paths

  •  work with the CTO and the CEO to build a solid sales strategy and product roadmap, to be validated by the Board of Directors

Business development

The SMO will :

  • recommend an annual business development plan to the CEO to implement the strategy : addressable market, specific niches, pricing, distribution partnerships, ... (first plan will be for 2020)

  • execute the business development plan after validation by the CEO

  • report frequently to the CEO about the results of the implementation of the plan

 Sales management

The SMO will :

  • draw a sales plan in order to achieve the business development goals : global and detailed sales objectives, sales system and tools, hiring and firing of sales staff, remuneration packages and incentive plans

  • execute the sales plan

  • execute account management towards a limited number of existing clients in order to grow the business with the existing customer base

  • provide all sales efforts to identify, contact, present and get orders from prospects

  • eport frequently about the sales results


The SMO will :

  • draw a marketing plan to support sales efforts : lead generation, brand awareness, sales support (including digital marketing)

  • execute the marketing plan

  • report frequently about the marketing results


The SMO will :

  • report directly to the CEO

  • be an active part of the company's management team