Oct 2018 – Calyos has been granted by the Walloon region to strengthen its existing datacenter product line

In preparation of mass production orders for its datacenter products, Calyos requested the Walloon region to support its technical development and pass a new milestone to reinforce its competitiveness. According to Calyos technical workplan and growing business opportunities, the region decided to grant the company a 12 months sponsored program aiming to:

  • Extend evaporator compatibilities according to industry standards (footprint) with the objective to fix a single “low-cost” design;

  • Improve air heat exchanger performance considering industry habits in terms of environmental specifications (air flow, inlet temperature…);

  • Standardize a water heat exchanger and its manifold according to performance target and industry habits in terms of environmental specifications (water flow rate, water temperature…);

  • Adjust in-house manufacturing processes;

  • Launch a manufacturing batch to validate quality and costs;