BISANCE Project Update 2020.


Charleroi, Belgium


June 2, 2021

Calyos, Sonaca and RTA have provided their first project update in regard to the status of the EU funded BISANCE project.

Summary of the context and overall objectives of the project.

The project intends to test in icing wind tunnel (IWT) one demonstrator of engine air intake integrated in a nacelle and equipped with an innovative biphasic heat transport system for regenerating the energy from the oil of the engine. The objective, by testing the technology in a representative environment, is to reach TRL5. At the end of the project the technology will be able to be further developed towards TRL6 to 9 with the final aim to be transferred to the aeronautic value chain.

Work performed so far.

At this stage of the project, alignment of the system requirements is completed, the conceptual phase is finished as well. The preliminary design of the system and of the structure is at an advanced level while the manufacturing of the coupons has just started. A very detailed specification was received, discussed and adjusted between Airbus D&S, Calyos and Sonaca. The scope of this specification goes far beyond the scope of the project and is at a level above TRL5. This detailed specification is a good news since it provides excellent guidelines to develop and to design the biphasic system.

Progress and potential impact.

The biphasic system will be developed and will propose a unique passive solution in terms of ice protection of the air intake. Since the initial phases of the project, the amount of energy available for the passive heat transport and the technology foreseen for the system provide good hope that the ice protection will be efficient. Also, the first investigation showed good results for the thermal efficiency of the system and it is reasonable to think that the current active oil cooler system will be downsized using a biphasic system resulting in significant power savings.

If you would like to read more about the project follow this link.

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