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Calyos’ end of year update 2021.


Charleroi, Belgium


December 1, 2021

With the year coming to a close we felt that some thanks were in order. Thanks for your time. Thanks for your support. Thanks for your feedback.

Without you we can’t go anywhere, we appreciate your contribution to our future.

With ever-rising heat density and sustainability requirements, we believe that two-phase cooling holds the solutions. By nature, passive design, utilizing the latent heat of vaporization ensures the minimal consumption of energy to cool components. Plus, vaporization has the capability to dissipate extreme heat flux, far beyond that of single-phase cooling. Combining these elements with heat recovery is the next step for sustainability and a topic for our future R&D. As a leading expert in two-phase tech, we are ready to continue working towards this vision.

This brings us to next year. We are excited about 2022, with plenty of important things happening. We are working on a next generation of evaporator, capable of extremely low thermal resistance even at an average with heat flux greater than 150W/cm2. We are expanding our team and production capabilities to meet the rising demands from our customers. And we have signed a partnership with a tier one automotive supplier to enable future access to mass-markets. We are also producing cooling systems for a motorsport application which we are excited to share details of in the new year!

Thanks again for your contribution, it is greatly appreciated. We wish you all the best over the holidays and we look forward to continuing our conversations next year.

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