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Calyos joins the Sustainable Aero Lab.


Hamburg, Germany


December 2, 2021

Calyos has succesfully joined the Sustainable Aero Lab to support our growth in the aviation market sector.

Calyos is delighted to join the Sustainable Aero Lab program to gain the support of their extensive network of members. Today several Calyos team members took part in our first session with the lab that proved to be hugely valuable in supporting our growth in this market.

About Sustainable Aero Lab

The Sustainable Aero Lab's ambition is to make climate neutral aviation a reality. They identify and select startups that can provide a tangible impact to the climate footprint of aviation. They achieve this by bringing together mentors and investors for one-to-one coaching, opening doors and finding new customers, new projects and new partners.

Calyos Involvement

Calyos successfully applied as a start up to join the lab in August 2021, presenting our range of e-mobility solutions that are relevant to the aviation industry. Today Calyos took part in the first of four sessions that will take place over the next twelve months. On Calyos' side the team who took part includes Antoine de Ryckel (CEO), Ben Sutton (BDM) along with support from Mohamed Bouatta (CFO). Calyos is investing our time into the process as we believe it can bring value and strengthen our position in the aviation market. With electrification there is huge transformation going on in many industries and Calyos see's this as an opportunity to grow that side of our business with clear long-term objectives to establish our market share. Calyos' primary solutions for the aviation market target power electronics, batteries and embedded electronics.

I would like to thank the Sustainable Aero Lab, notably Mario and Daryna, for accepting our application and on-boarding us into the process. The work they are doing is really valuable to startups of all shapes and sizes. Thermal management is a hot topic in the industry and it is a great opportunity for us to network, building future opportunities for Calyos to produce our market leading, two-phase, sustainable thermal solutions.

Ben Sutton

Business Development Manager

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