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Charleroi, Belgium


March 31, 2020

In line with our growth aims, we have redesigned our story to better explain our technologies and their benefits to our customers.

We believe in our technologies and the benefits they can bring to you, our potential customers. It became to clear to us during our redesign that we were not doing the best job of explaining these technologies to you.

So we started listening; to employees, potential customers, existing customers, and from those conversations we built up, as a team - the story which we have presented today. While we believe we have made some significant improvements, we are not fools and we know that nothing is perfect, hence this will be an ever evolving and growing site based on comments from everyone.

We have structured our business so that every question, request, and all feedback will be handled by our tight-knit sales and marketing team. For you, this means we will always be listening to the comments you have, learning and improving our story along the way. For us, this means we will remove the typical disconnect you have between sales and marketing teams.

We hope you like the changes we have made, get in touch to learn more or to give us some feedback!

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