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Charleroi, Belgium


March 8, 2021

Calyos is featured on Power Electronics News Website. The article is an interview with Ben Sutton, our Marketing Manager.

Driven by the latest GaN and SiC components, power electronics modules are continuing to shrink in size, meanwhile, the heat dissipation is ever-increasing. Hence, in many applications engineers are turning to active (pumped) water cooling as the seemingly obvious solution. Using Loop Heat Pipe (LHP) technology, Calyos offers a passive, sustainable alternative that can be applied to many thermal problems across different industries.

In an interview with Power Electronics News, Ben Sutton (Marketing Manager at Calyos) explained that Loop Heat Pipes are a passive, two-phase, heat transfer devices. These systems can incorporate multiple heat sources with a low-mass solution that can navigate complex environments while remaining capable of cooling high heat density components. Loop Heat Pipes align with applications in harsh environments, handling accelerations and vibrations without issue. Fluid customization allows for optimized operating conditions, including cryogenic applications for quantum computers.

To read the full article please visit the link below.

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