One of our Solutions Developed for Outdoor Lighting :

  • Heat source : Diode COB (Chip on Board)

  • Power per component : 300W

  • Heat density : 25W/cm²

  • Cold source: Ambient Air (Natural convection)

  • Cold source temperature : -40°C to +50°C

  • Operating conditions: Passive cooling, Multiple lighting orientations

Client Challenge_jaune2.png

  • Lighten cooling weight to limit mechanical weakness

  • Operate the cooling against gravity


  • Analyse heat pipe cooling solution and list its main limitations (gravity, cooling capacity)

  • Identify the appropriate technologies capable to solve those limitations → Loop Heat Pipe appears to be the best alternative

  • Calculate heat exchanger volume necessary to achieve the same thermal performance as the current cooling device

  • Heat exchanger design and thermal simulation to validate the performance

  • Exchange surface has been reduced from 38000cm² to 21000cm²

  • Prototyping and tests validating the LHP capacity to operate against gravity thanks to capillary pumping effect

  • Weight reduction more than 1.5Kg over 4.8KG with previous product

Final Product Developed :