One of our Solutions Developed in Energy :

  • Heat source : Hot side of the thermoelectric cooler (TEC I.E. Peltier element)

  • Power per component : 75W (2 components)

  • Heat density : 5W/cm²

  • Cold source: Ambient air (Forced convection)

  • Cold source temperature : -5°C to +40°C

  • Operating conditions: Transportable device

Client Challenge_jaune2.png
  • Avoid mechanical breakdown of the ceramic substrate due to pipe connection during the plugging of the analyzer and the heatsink weight  

  • Support recurring shock and vibration


  • Thermal modelization of the TEC component itself based on electrical efficiency

  • Proposition of new TEC to optimize the overall efficiency (TEC + cooling)

  • Confirm that Thermal specifications are easily achievable and major challenge comes from mechanical integration

  • Analyze available volume into the box

  • Select the Loop heat Pipe technology for the mechanical decoupling between the air exchanger and the evaporator to reduce drastically the mechanical constraints on the substrate frame

  • Retrofit approach, design a product integrating the heat exchanger into the box and connecting it to the evaporator with custom tube routing;

  • Prototyping and tests

  • Mechanical solution achieved as well as an overall analyzer performances  improvement

Final Product Developed