One of our solutions developed DataCenters :

  • Heat source : Processor (CPU)

  • Power per component : 205W

  • Heat density : N/A

  • Cold source: Air (Forced convection)

  • Cold source temperature : <25°C

  • Operating conditions: Variable heat load

Client Challenge_jaune2.png

  • Increase computing density

  • Reduce energy consumption

  • Benchmark the thermal performance from the existing vapor chamber heat sink cooling device

  • Calculate thermal performance improvement opportunities using alternative technologies and select the Loop Heat Pipe

  • Design a cooling product using the Loop Heat Pipe technology

  • Prototyping and tests

  • Reduce fan speed and achieve 50W saving at 205W

  • Still 14°C lowercase temperature at 205W offering the possibility to increase to power or the ambient temperature (further energy savings)

Final Product Developed