Thermal Knowledge

  • World class experts in thermal located in our European headquarters

  • Close collaboration and shared expertise with Calyos’ mother company EHP

  • Internal tools for thermal, hydraulic and mechanical design

  • In-house simulations

  • For complex phenomenon, detailed simulation can be entrusted to our partner Cenaero

  • Working fluid selection according to temperature range, environmental and regulatory constraints and chemical compatibility with materials used during the manufacturing process

  • Thermal interface material (TIM) selection with respect to mechanical and dielectric constraints

  • Thermal test bench design, assembly and qualification including several measurement options: temperature, flow rate, clamping, power, pressure ...

  • Thermal tests:

    • Internally up to certain specifications (laboratory capacity)

    • Outsourced for specific requirements (climate chamber, centrifuge…)

  • Life-cycle assessment and environmental footprint analysis from cradle-to-grave