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Calyos Clean Aviation Projects



February 9, 2023

Calyos will participate in two Clean Aviation Joint Undertaking projects: TheMa4HERA and HE-ART

Calyos, a Belgian technology company focusing on a sustainable offering of advanced heat pipe thermal management solutions within e-mobility, computing, and renewable energy markets, is proud to announce its participation in two of the consortiums under the Clean Aviation Joint Undertaking: TheMa4HERA and HE-ART.

TheMa4HERA (Thermal Management for Hybrid Electric Regional Aircraft) aims to develop advanced thermal management solutions for future electric aircraft. On the other hand, HE-ART Hybrid Electric propulsion system for regional Aicraf) focuses on creating a more efficient and sustainable turbofan engine for commercial aviation.

Calyos CEO, Antoine de Ryckel, says,

“Our participation in these two consortiums is a testament to our commitment towards sustainable aviation and our focus on creating innovative solutions for a greener future. We believe that working with other industry leaders in these projects will accelerate the development of cleaner and more efficient aviation technology.”

Calyos’ involvement in these projects aligns with the efforts of other companies in the industry, such as Honeywell, Collins Aerospace, and ITP Aero, who are also dedicated to advancing sustainable aviation through research and innovation.

As a leading provider of heat pipe thermal management solutions, Calyos is proud to be contributing its expertise in the TheMa4HERA consortium. The company’s innovative solutions have already been recognized by leading companies in the aerospace, defense, and electronic industries, and it is now looking to bring this expertise to the field of aviation.

In conclusion, Calyos’ participation in these two projects under the Clean Aviation Joint Undertaking is a significant step towards creating a greener and more sustainable future for aviation. With its commitment to sustainability and innovative solutions, Calyos is well-positioned to play a key role in this transformation of the aeronautic industry.

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