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As we scale up we are going to be routinely hiring for new positions within our team. Every job will be posted here and through our LinkedIn page. If you would like to stay up to date, then follow us on LinkedIn.

Our Approach & Values

applied knowledge

Our technology is worthless unless we can get in it out there in the market. We strive to apply our knowledge and experience to real world applications.

better together

We succeed together. We view everyone from our customers to our shareholders as part of our team. Without working together we are nothing.

inherent flexibility

No thermal problem is the same. Therefore we strive to build flexibility not only into our solutions but also into our working practices. This allows us to evolve with the market.


Nothing stands still. As experts in our field, we must continue to innovate. We can then return to our first point and re-apply these innovations to real world applications.

Open Positions

Thanks for your interest, currently there are no open positions at Calyos. Check back here regularly or follow us on Linked In for the latest updates.



We are always on the lookout!

As a start-up we are a small close knit team, often having hybrid roles and we are always on the lookout for where to hire next. If you believe that your skillset nicely aligns with our applications, markets, and ambitions then please don't hesitate to reach out. If we believe your profile is of interest to us (more often that not, it is!) then we would welcome the chance to set up a call to discuss things further and see how you could bring value to Calyos.
Key Areas of Interest

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