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Zoning De Jumet
6040, Belgium

Specifc Contacts


Antoine de Ryckel

Based in Charleroi, Belgium, Antoine leads the entire Calyos team and is a direct point of contact for investors, partners and customers.

Languages: French, English, Dutch

North america

Ben Sutton

Based in Calgary, Alberta, Ben is not only our Marketing Manager but also provides a direct point of contact for all of our customers in North America.

Languages: English

South korea

이민희 - Mickey Lee

Based in Incheon City, Mickey provides sales assistance throughout South Korea, notably answering your questions in Korean language.

Languages: Korean, English

Finance & Accounting

Mohamed Bouatta

Based in Charleroi, Belgium, Mohamed is our CFO. All invoices, and payment related queries can be directed to this mailbox.

Languages: French, English

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