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Pulsating Heat Pipes

Also referred to as Oscillating Heat Pipes, Calyos is working hard to mature this newer technology.

Less reliance on gravity for operation.
The latent heat of vaporisation has a high heat transfer co-efficient.
Ability to operate in unique form factors (thin, 3D) with highly customised integration.

How do Pulsating Heat Pipes work?

Typical Applications

Regardless of the market segment the same applications require cooling.

Power Electronics

Power Electronics

  • Inverter
  • On-Board Chargers
  • Converter

Advancements in nano-technology (including GaN & SiC) are creating components with ever increasing heat density, combine this with the need to reduce packaging weight and volume and power electronics are increasingly difficult to thermally manage.

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Electronic Components
Electronic Components

Electronic Components

  • Sensors
  • Radar / Lidar
  • LEDs

New technologies and packaging requirements are resulting in smaller and smaller electronics that produce more and more heat.

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Our two-phase cooling systems always bring three clear benefits:

Passive & Pump Free

Ultra Reliable & Zero Maintenance

High HTC & Low Thermal Resistance

Pulsating heat pipes

Use Cases

There are thousands of use cases for our technology. Here we have selected a few examples to give you an idea of how our solutions can be used. Don't be afraid if you have something different - reach out to us and we can validate the application through an initial feasibility analysis.

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PHP functioning as a heat spreader and dissipating 800W.

Specialized Equipment



PHP Spreader

PHP functioning as a heat spreader and dissipating 800W.
Power Electronics
Research prototype to investigate the impacts of vibrations and orientations on the PHPs performance.




PHP for Electronic Components

Research prototype to investigate the impacts of vibrations and orientations on the PHPs performance.
Electronic Components

Calyos makes applying these two-phase technologies feasible.

By working side by side with our clients, Calyos can pair our knowledge and experience with our clients understanding of their application. This allows us to continue to develop innovative cooling systems that are viable in terms of mechanical design, cost and thermal performance for real-world applications.

Two-Phase Physics

Our experts enable us to produce
proprietary wick structures that maximize capillary pumping. We meticulously select fluids and fine-tune vaporization and condensation processes to deliver exceptional performance that Calyos is globally recognized for.

Modelling & Simulation

Calyos' advanced modelling capabilities integrate physics-based simulations with complex models derived from empirical test data. Two-phase modelling is not easy and this crucially ensures accuracy balancing theoretical precision and real-world validation.

System Design

Calyos' patents and exclusive know-how enable robust designs, that easily mechanically integrate with your application while remaining cost effective to manufacture, assemble, fill with fluid and install.


In combination with our own facility and testing laboratory, Calyos has relationships with industrial partners in different regions and for different markets to meet the mass production needs for our clients.

Other Two-Phase Technologies

Calyos produces other technologies that could be equally relevant for resolving your thermal challenges. Check them out.

Heat Pipes

Traditional HPs are beautifully simple and provide incredibly low thermal resistances.

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Loop Heat Pipes

LHPs provide the ability to not only handle very high heat flux, but also to transport heat over long distances.

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Micro Channel Heat Pipes

MCHPs are a hybrid HP-PHP solution that remains a simple and lightweight ultra-efficient cooling solution.

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