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Micro Channel Heat Pipes

A thin, lightweight aluminum heat pipe.
cost effective

MCHPs has a great cost to performance ratio. This can enable the adoption of new features such as ultra-fast charging that demand advanced cooling solutions.

Scalable design

The design of our MCHP-BT solution can easily be modified based on the mechanical design of your battery pack. Calyos can also produce a double sided cooling solution.

ultra reliable

With no moving parts, our solutions are extremely reliable and inherently maintenance free. Therefore they are ideal for reliability critical environments.

Long lasting

We produce systems with design lifetimes of up to 40 years. This fit and forget approach comes from our technology's history in the space industry.

100% Passive

The beauty of two-phase is the ability to harness the latent heat of vaporisation, using it to power the cooling system, making it the most sustainable solution.

micro channel heat pipes

how do they work?



When heat is applied to a section of the heat pipe it causes the liquid inside to vaporise.


Micro Channels

This vapour then flows up the channels as it is the path of least resistance against gravity.



The vapor condenses back into a liquid due to the temperature difference of the cold section.


Process Repetition

The structure inside assists the liquid in returning to the evaporator section for the process to repeat.

micro channel heat pipes

our strengths

Our ability to innovate is fundamental to our mission. Applying our world-leading two-phase knowledge and experience we design the best passive thermal management solutions.


Calyos has experience designing and developing these complex solutions. As this is a relatively new technology this knowledge is invaluable if you wish to deploy such a system.


Calyos typically use a safe, green, dielectric refrigerant r1233zd(E) as its Global Warming Potential is <1. Plus we have experience using other fluids as required for different applications.

system design

Our skillset is in customizing two-phase solutions to maximize the performance while making sure they are non-invasive and easy to adopt.

heat pipes


micro channel heat pipe for batteries


Placed in between cells, these tiny heat pipes can assist in both warming and cooling cells. The cross sectional shape can be completely customised and these solutions are incredibly cost effective to mass produce. Using a dielectric refrigerant inside removes the risk of short circuits, maintaining Calyos' fit-and-forget reliability.

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