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Press Release

Calyos closes latest round of funding.


Charleroi, Belgium


June 14, 2022

Calyos has successfully closed a €4.4m financing round to fund its growth over the next years.

Calyos, a Belgian technology company focussing on a sustainable offering for thermal management within e-mobility, computing, renewable energy and specialized equipment. Calyos has raised an additional EUR 4.4 million from its current investors to further fuel the company's growth.

In today’s world, electrification and connectivity are increasing sharply. For example, the number of electric vehicles to be sold in 2030 is expected to be twelve times the number in 2020. The need for advanced thermal solutions is therefore evermore critical. In parallel, the urgent need to reduce CO2 emissions means that sustainable thermal solutions like the ones proposed by Calyos are becoming a must.

Calyos has developed unique two-phase cooling solutions that allow component cooling using the latent heat of vaporisation. Calyos’ technology is fully passive, does not need power nor a pump to function and offers the most sustainable thermal approach. Both the e-mobility and computing industries are transforming to become electrified and sustainable, Calyos technologies therefore align well with these trends.

This funding will enable Calyos to enter the next phase in its development. This will include strengthening Calyos’ operational footprint by adding several new people and facilitating Calyos to further industrialise its solutions as the company moves into serial production. With this investment, Calyos will also be able to accelerate the application development and optimisation of its technology as required by the market. High-heat flux evaporators are expected to soon be a key requirement in the computing market; and the development of new design architectures for e-mobility and electric vehicles are clear examples.

“The team and I are thrilled with the latest funding round, allowing us to continue to develop our innovative thermal solutions and expand our operations so that we will be able to better support our customers and partners,” says CEO of Calyos, Antoine de Ryckel. “We look forward to continuing our mission to solve the greatest thermal challenges by enabling the adoption of the best, passive two-phase cooling solutions”.

This funding round includes investments from FIDIC, Finindus, Invest for Jobs, Sambrinvest, SFPI/FPIM, and private investors. In approximately two years Calyos will be looking to scale-up with the support of strategic industrial investors.

"We are thankful to Calyos' shareholders for their continued support. With our fantastic team that includes probably the best thermal experts around, and our partnerships that shape a great future, Calyos has a solid foundation to become a worldwide player in two-phase thermal management technology” says Etienne Van de Kerckhove, Chairman of Calyos.

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