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Calyos CTO presents at European Workshop on Pulsating Heat Pipes


Pisa, Italy


February 22, 2024

Calyos CTO Vincent Dupont delivers presentation outlining PHP fluid selection for automotive and aeronautics applications.

In a groundbreaking session at the European Workshop on Pulsating Heat Pipes, Calyos' Chief Technology Officer, Vincent Dupont, delivered a compelling presentation on selecting the optimal Pulsating Heat Pipe (PHP) working fluid for product development in the automotive and aeronautics sectors.
Calyos, renowned for its innovative approach in passive thermal management solutions, has consistently pushed the boundaries of technology, leveraging its origins in the space industry to adapt and thrive in ground applications. The company's mission centers around providing viable, passive liquid cooling systems, a testament to its pioneering spirit and commitment to sustainability and efficiency.

Insightful Perspectives on PHP Working Fluids
Vincent Dupont's presentation, titled "How to Choose the PHP Working Fluid During Product Development in Automotive and Aeronautics Applications," offered a deep dive into the critical considerations for fluid selection in PHPs, a technology at the forefront of thermal management. With its complex physical mechanisms involving heat transfer and fluid dynamics, PHPs represent a significant leap forward in cooling systems for high-stakes industries like automotive and aeronautics. The session highlighted the multifaceted criteria for fluid selection, including thermal conductivity, viscosity, and compatibility with PHP materials, all crucial for maximizing the efficiency and reliability of thermal management systems. Dupont's expertise highlighted the trade-offs required to tailor PHP solutions to specific application needs, emphasizing the technology's adaptability and potential for innovation.

A Convergence of Minds
Hosted by the University of Pisa's Department of Energy Systems, Territory, and Constructions Engineering (DESTEC), with scientific support from the Italian Union of Thermofluidynamics (UIT), the workshop served as a melting pot for leading scientists and engineers. The event provided a platform for sharing the latest research, fostering collaborations, and exploring the future directions of PHP technology - something Calyos intends to be a key commercial part of. Calyos was unique in the fact we are the only commercial entity to present at the conference, with all other presenters coming from Academia. This underscores the ability Calyos has in their team, most notably with our CTO Vincent Dupont and a recent new addition Naoko Iwata, who previously worked at JAXA, the Japanese space agency.

PHPs offer a promising avenue for tackling the thermal challenges in next-generation applications. Calyos focus on passive yet high-performance cooling solutions resonates with the industry's move towards more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly technologies. As Calyos continues to innovate and lead in thermal management solutions, our ever-growing experience with PHPs through our expert team will provide new offerings to our customers.

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