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Calyos featured in WAB Magazine


Brussels, Belgium


September 29, 2022

Calyos has been featured in the latest release of the Wallonia and Brussels magazine's Autumn 2022 issue.

Calyos, a Belgian technology company focusing on a sustainable offering for thermal management within e-mobility, computing, renewable energy and specialized niches, is delighted to have been featured in the latest edition of Wallonia Brussels Magazine.

Calyos has developed unique two-phase cooling solutions that allow component cooling using the latent heat of vaporization. Calyos’ technology is fully passive, does not need power nor a pump to function and offers the most sustainable thermal approach. The e-mobility industry is transforming to become electrified and sustainable.  The integration of Calyos technology in a electric motorsport vehicles therefore aligns well with these trends.

The article highlights our ambitions, our recent investment and the needs associated with the two-phase cooling solutions we provide. Calyos has great expertise, particularly in providing these hardware solutions and is built on the industrial foundation of the Walloon Region.

The article is available on Issuu and can be found on page six using the link below.

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