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Calyos founder presents at Semi-Therm conference


San Jose, California


March 26, 2024

Calyos founder, Olivier de Laet, presents at Semi-Therm's annual thermal management symposium in San Jose.

This year, at the prestigious Semi-Therm conference, Calyos stepped into the spotlight with a presentation by founder Olivier de Laet. The focus was on the robust testing and application of Loop Heat Pipes (LHPs) within challenging automotive environments - a subject of crucial relevance as the industry shifts towards more sophisticated and high power electronic systems. In addition to the insightful presentation, Calyos also featured a booth at the conference, where attendees could interact directly with not only the LHPs systems, but also MCHPs and PHPs while also having the opportunity to speak with our experts. The booth served as a practical demonstration hub, showing the technology in action and providing a hands-on experience for industry professionals, stakeholders, and media.

Olivier de Laet presented as part of Technical Track 8, focusing on Two Phase Cooling. This track is especially relevant for showcasing how passive cooling technologies like LHPs are revolutionizing thermal management in high-heat applications. His presentation underscored the practical applications of LHP systems, emphasizing their role in improving vehicle reliability and performance. The presentation detailed the extensive testing completed around Calyos' facility. These tests have convincingly demonstrated that LHP technology not only meets but exceeds the requirements for automotive applications. Unlike traditional cooling methods, which often rely on active components like pumps and fans, LHPs offer a completely passive cooling solution. This means they operate silently, require minimal maintenance, and are more reliable over the lifespan of a vehicle. For automotive applications, this translates into enhanced performance and safety, as the LHP systems can effectively manage the heat generated by critical components such as batteries and power electronics without the risk of leaks or mechanical failure.

During his talk, Olivier de Laet highlighted several case studies where LHP systems have been successfully integrated into vehicles. One notable example involved a high-performance electric vehicle where the LHP system efficiently managed the heat generated by the vehicle's compute module, ensuring optimal performance even under high load conditions. The case study showcased not only the technical feasibility but also the practical benefits, including reduced system complexity and enhanced vehicle range. Olivier also pointed out that the adoption of passive cooling systems could be a game-changer for the automotive industry, paving the way for more reliable, efficient, and environmentally friendly vehicle designs that preserve energy for the powertrain - therefore maximizing range.

This presentation at the Semi-Therm conference, complemented by the interactive booth experience and detailed technical discussions, not only reinforces Calyos' position as a leader in thermal management solutions but also highlights the company's commitment to innovation and excellence in the rapidly evolving automotive sector. As the industry continues to face new challenges, Calyos remains at the forefront, delivering solutions that enhance performance, reliability, and sustainability.

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