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Press Release

Calyos graduates from the Sustainable Aero Lab program.


Hamburg, Germany


June 30, 2022

Calyos has completed our four sessions with Sustainable Aero Lab, graduating from the start-up mentoring program.

First and most importantly Calyos would like to thank the Sustainable Aero Lab team and their extensive network of mentors who have supported us over the last 12 months. Simply to be provided the opportunity to participate has been a gift and a great experience exposing Calyos to new challenges and new opportunities.

On Calyos' side both Antoine, our CEO and Ben, our Business Development Manager have been heavily involved in the process from our initial application to finally graduating. Along the way Calyos has learned a lot making significant progress within the aviation sector which was our original goal. The whole team have enjoyed the experience and are especially grateful for the mentoring which has helped us grow in the aviation sector considerably.

Together with Bjorn Fehrm, our first mentors we identified the use cases, analysing them by priority for which our technology is most relevant and most beneficial. Next we created and grew a list of target companies with whom there is potential for adoption of our technology, many mentors were involved in this stage, each sharing their own knowledge of the market. It was extremely kind of many of the mentors for introducing us to contacts within their own network to spark opportunities for Calyos.

Since then we have secured a number of aviation opportunities, several of which came through the mentors networks. Our next step is to validate the use cases in real world applications, fortunately this is the goal of many of the projects Calyos has secured. Plus there are more opportunities in the pipeline that we look forward to seeing come to fruition.

Calyos was also mentored by Sara Jones, at first we tackled product-market fit, further establishing what are products are and what milestones are required to enable mass-market adoption. Following that we discussed our investment planning for the future, beyond our recent fundraising round. Sara's feedback has helped us shape the direction in which we are heading, and prioritize specific markets to ensure maximum reward for our efforts. We are thankful to the time both her, Bjorn and the other mentors gave to Calyos.

"I am very grateful for the time and effort from both Sustainable Aero Lab and their fantastic network of mentors. This opportunity came at the right time for us to allow us to grow in the aviation sector alongside supporting our business growth as a whole! We have had a really positive experience throughout the entire process. The program delivered beyond our expectations."

Antoine de Ryckel, CEO

Alongside thanking the whole Sustainable Aero Lab team, we would like to highlight both Mario and Daryna for their clear, concise and friendly communication supporting us throughout the process. We would also like to thank the series of almost 10 mentors who supported us during this process.

If you are also a start-up within the aviation space be sure to hit up the Sustainable Aero Lab team to further your companies mission! You can contact them to apply for the program using the link below.

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