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Calyos presents at xEV Powertrain Workshop


Université d'Artois, France


February 8, 2024

Calyos CEO Antoine de Ryckel presents two-phase cooling xEV Powertrain Workshop

At the recent Thermal Management Workshop for xEV Powertrains hosted at the Université d'Artois, Calyos, a leader in advanced cooling solutions, contributed to the dialogue on the future of electric vehicle (EV) technologies. This event, a collaborative effort by RAI Automotive Industry NL, Agoria Automotive Technology Club, and ARIA Hauts-de-France, served as a hub for showcasing pioneering research and innovations in the realm of EV thermal management.

Introducing Calyos

Calyos, a company with deep roots in the space industry, has seamlessly transitioned its expertise to develop high-efficiency, passive cooling technologies for ground applications, including EVs. The firm is dedicated to introducing sustainable, maintenance-free cooling systems that harness the latent heat of vaporization to address thermal management challenges efficiently.

A Deep Dive into Two-Phase Cooling

Antoine de Ryckel, CEO of Calyos, presented "Two-Phase Passive Cooling Technology for Electric Vehicles," offering a comprehensive overview of the company's state-of-the-art two-phase cooling solutions. The presentation began with an insightful explanation of the underlying physics of two-phase technology, including micro-channel, loop, and pulsating heat pipes. Antoine then explained the trade-offs among these technologies, addressing thermal, mechanical, and environmental considerations.

The focal point of the presentation was the application of these cutting-edge technologies in real-world automotive scenarios, specifically targeting Power Electronics, Battery Systems, and Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems (ADAS). Through concrete examples from Calyos' collaborations with automotive OEM customers, Antoine demonstrated the practical implementation and significant advantages of two-phase passive cooling in enhancing the performance and reliability of EV powertrains.

Encouraging Global Innovation and Collaboration

The workshop emerged as a vital platform for exchanging ideas and forging connections among the industry's brightest minds. Calyos' participation and contribution to the workshop underlined the company's commitment to leading the charge in thermal management solutions, facilitating a move towards more efficient, reliable, and sustainable electric vehicles.

Looking Forward

The automotive sector's ongoing transition to electrification underscores the critical need for innovative thermal management solutions. Calyos stands ready to meet these demands, drawing on its extensive expertise to spearhead the development of high-performance electric vehicles. The company's engagement in the Thermal Management Workshop for xEV Powertrains highlights its role as a key player in the field, dedicated to pushing the boundaries of innovation and sustainability in the automotive industry.

As Calyos continues to explore and develop solutions that redefine the standards of electric vehicle thermal management, the success of its presentation at the workshop signals a promising direction for the future of EV technology.

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