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Calyos wins CLEPA Innovation Award


Brussels, Belgium


October 20, 2023

Calyos emerged as the winner fo the Top Innovator 'Green' award for SME's.

In a glittering ceremony held last week in Brussels, Calyos emerged victorious as the winner of the Top Innovator 'Green' award for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) at the prestigious CLEPA Innovation Awards. The event, which unfolded on October 18, served as a platform to celebrate groundbreaking advancements and pioneering technologies in the automotive supply industry.

The CLEPA Innovation Awards are a hallmark of excellence, recognizing organizations that push the boundaries of innovation in pursuit of sustainable and technologically advanced solutions. This year's ceremony placed a spotlight on the crucial theme of the twin transition, with a particular emphasis on the Software-Defined Vehicle (SDV). Calyos, a company renowned for its commitment to green innovation, stood among twelve Top Innovators, securing the coveted Top Innovator Green award in the SME category. The company's dedication to developing environmentally friendly solutions and contributing to the twin transition aligned seamlessly with the overarching theme of the awards. Calyos thermal management technology has the potential to enable ever increasing processor performance (and therefore thermal performance) inside next-generation vehicles, and these processors are critical to enabling new advanced driving assistance systems (ADAS).

"Receiving the Top Innovator Green award at the CLEPA Innovation Awards is a testament to the dedication and ingenuity of the entire Calyos team. We are honored to be recognized for our commitment to green innovation and the advancement of Software-Defined Vehicles. This award fuels our passion to continue pushing the boundaries, contributing to a sustainable automotive future. At Calyos, we believe in driving positive change, and this accolade inspires us to reach even greater heights in the pursuit of innovation and environmental responsibility."

Antoine de Ryckel, CEO of Calyos

The recognition comes as a testament to Calyos' unwavering dedication to pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the automotive thermal management space. As the world navigates the challenges of a rapidly evolving technological landscape and a growing emphasis on sustainability, companies like Calyos are at the forefront, driving positive change. Calyos' triumph at the CLEPA Innovation Awards reinforces its position as a leader in green innovation and sets a high standard for others in the industry. The company's commitment to advancing the Software-Defined Vehicle and contributing to the twin transition underscores the importance of pushing the boundaries of innovation for a brighter and more sustainable automotive future.

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