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Meet the team: Jean


Charleroi, Belgium


June 27, 2022

Meet Jean, our Test & Laboratory Engineer

This is the first in our series of articles highlighting the great team members that we have here at Calyos. First up we have our latest addition, Jean he joined us in March as a test and laboratory engineer.

What have you enjoyed so far?

First is clearly the atmosphere. The team is awesome, they all provided me with a warm welcome and are on hand to help answer all the questions I have about products and solutions, the theory behind the tech and the way it should be tested. Second is the job itself, the testing area is were our solutions come to life, it's amazing to see what this passive technology can do! Plus I get to experiment with all the parameters with the ultimate goal of achieving the best performance.

What are you looking forward to?

St Eloi on the 12th of July (Our upcoming team building event)! More seriously, I'd like to get more autonomous in my area, it'll come with time. My experience is more in electrical as opposed to thermal engineering.

What ambitions have you got for the role?

There are several topics to improve in the lab. I think a fresh set of eyes can apply and improve our organisation and I can make my stamp using my experience in 6S. Plus collect the data from our prototype solutions will be critical to enable us to continue to improve our products further.

What do you like doing outside of work?

I love to do a lots of things, particularly outdoors, but my little one, who is 6 months old, is not keen on letting me get out much! I love to ride my bicycle, it's a gravel bike that allows me to go far both on road and on rougher terrain. My brain also enjoys running but my knees do not always allow it. I am quite occupied doing plenty of DIY in my house because we just moved in after 9 months of drastic modification. Lastly I love to spend some time with the scouts group, I will likely be going again to camp this summer.

Huge thanks to Jean for stepping up and being the first to feature in this series!

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