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Meet the Team - Matthieu


Charleroi, Belgium


February 7, 2023

Meet Matthieu, our Process & Quality Engineer

This is the third in our series of articles highlighting the great team members that we have here at Calyos. This time we have another of the original Calyos employees, Matthieu, who is now in his tenth year with Calyos.

What brought you to Calyos Matthieu?

Initially, I was hired as a CAD designer at Euro Heat Pipes and after two years there I made the switch to Calyos. Calyos was just getting started and it was the prospects that appealed the most about Calyos. My role evolved (as intended!) into manufacturing, process definition and quality control. I support Cyrille and the wider production team

What has kept you here so long?

Without a doubt the team. And the great mood amongst the team. We all value being together, supporting each other and have essentially become a good group of friends. I also enjoy the versatility of the job, in small companies everybody has to cover a lot of bases and it is the same at Calyos. Sharing the responsibility of working in a growing company together is good fun and gives us space to learn new skills.

What has been your biggest challenge?

As I said before, in a small company like Calyos there is a lot to do and learn, often from scratch. In 2021 we moved to a new location and this required lots of setup and installation, including the manufacturing lines which takes time and teamwork to complete - I enjoyed being involved in that process.

What ambitions have you got for the near future?

I am enjoying working on the conversion of Calyos' products to aluminium. It is a challenging project but that only makes me more determined to succeed.

Outside of work, what else do you enjoy?

I play a lot badminton, I do lots of gardening and I have a few big home improvement projects to finish this year!

Big thanks to Matthieu for discussing and sharing with us!

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