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Olivier de Laet Speaks at CTI Symposium USA 2024


Novi, Michigan


May 15, 2024

Olivier de Laet, founder of Calyos, presented innovative passive cooling technologies for electric vehicles at the CTI Symposium USA 2024.

Calyos, a pioneer in passive two-phase cooling solutions, made a significant impact at the CTI Symposium USA 2024. Our founder, Olivier de Laet, delivered an insightful presentation titled "Cooling the Future: Harnessing Passive Heat Pipes to Cool Critical EV Components and Systems." His talk highlighted the advancements and applications of Loop Heat Pipes (LHPs) and Micro Channel Heat Pipes (MCHPs) in the thermal management of electric vehicles (EVs).

Calyos specializes in advanced two-phase cooling technologies, providing ultra-reliable and maintenance-free thermal management solutions. Our systems, originally developed for space applications, have been adapted for terrestrial uses, offering efficient cooling for critical EV components without the need for active elements like pumps. Calyos is dedicated to enhancing the performance and longevity of EV powertrains through innovative cooling solutions.

Showcasing Calyos' flagship technologies

During the CTI Symposium, Olivier de Laet emphasized the critical role of efficient thermal management in modern electric vehicles. He introduced the audience to Calyos' two flagship technologies: Loop Heat Pipes (LHPs) and Micro Channel Heat Pipes (MCHPs), detailing their unique benefits and applications.

LHPs offer the ability to transport heat over long distances - passively. Unlike conventional water cooling systems that require pumps, LHPs are ideal for high heat flux components, such as System-on-Chips (SoCs) and Silicon Carbide (SiC) power electronics. Olivier shared case studies showcasing LHPs' effectiveness in both ICE and EV applications. These systems can handle more than 1.5kW of thermal power with an impressive thermal resistance of just 0.011K/W.

MCHPs are ideal for enhancing the cooling efficiency of battery packs – again passively. These thin, flat aluminium heat pipes, filled with a small volume of dielectric fluid, significantly increase the surface area in contact with battery cells, thereby improving thermal performance. Olivier demonstrated how MCHPs facilitate faster charging times and more critically uniform cell temperatures, which contribute to longer battery life. Key performance metrics included a 27% increase in charging speed and a reduction in inter/intra cell temperatures to less than 2°C differences.

Collaborative approach preparing us for the future

Olivier highlighted Calyos' collaborative approach with Tier 1 suppliers and automotive OEMs. He explained that these partnerships are crucial for customizing and integrating Calyos' cooling technologies into various vehicle designs. By working closely with industry leaders, Calyos ensures that its solutions meet the stringent thermal management requirements of modern electric vehicles.

Several real-world applications of Calyos' technologies were showcased during the presentation. For instance, in motorsport, MCHPs have been used to avoid water cooling, enabling fast charging and reducing battery degradation. Another example included the use of LHPs in vehicle-mounted computers for defense applications, providing 100% passive cooling without fans or pumps, thus enhancing reliability and reducing maintenance.

Looking ahead, Calyos aims to expand the adoption of two-phase cooling technologies in the automotive industry. Ongoing research and development efforts are focused on refining these systems to make them even more efficient and suitable for mass production. Olivier’s presentation at the CTI Symposium reinforced Calyos' position as a leader in thermal management solutions, driving the industry towards more sustainable and efficient cooling methods.

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Calyos is a leader in the design and manufacture of two-phase thermal management systems. Building on our heritage from Euro Heat Pipes (EHP) and their space technology expertise, we specialize in innovative cooling solutions that tackle the thermal challenges of tomorrow.
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We engineer advanced cooling technologies, including loop heat pipes, micro-channel heat pipes, and pulsating heat pipes, to optimize thermal performance across a variety of applications. Typically these include: power electronics, processors, and batteries, but we don't stop there we are continuing to develop and produce fully customizable solutions for other specific needs, for example e-motors and fuel cells.
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