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Thermal Management Systems Symposium


Plymouth, Michigan


October 4, 2022

Calyos is exhibiting at SAE International's Thermal Management Systems Symposium.

Calyos, a Belgian technology company focusing on a sustainable offering for thermal management within e-mobility, computing and renewable energy, is excited to both visit and exhibit at SAE International's Thermal Management Systems Symposium on the 4th and 5th of October. Our team is looking forward to listening, learning and sharing ideas with many of the mobility industries thermal experts.

Calyos has developed unique two-phase cooling solutions that allow component cooling using the latent heat of vaporisation. Calyos’ technology is fully passive, does not need power nor a pump to function and offers the most sustainable thermal approach. Both the e-mobility and computing industries are transforming to become electrified and sustainable, Calyos technologies therefore align well with these trends.

Calyos will be exhibiting at the show, you can find us at table 9 in the exhibition hall. Calyos will be showcasing two solutions; our micro-channel heat pipe for battery cooling (UHP-BT), and our loop heat pipe for power electronics (LHP-PE) and processor cooling (LHP-EE). Three team members from Calyos will be attending:
- Antoine de Ryckel, CEO
- Olivier de Laet, Founder & CSO
- Ben Sutton, Marketing & Business Development Manager

Follow the link below to learn more and register for the event.
We hope to see you there!

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