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Calyos offers a free initial feasibility study to provide you with estimates for the thermal performance, mechanical design, and cost. This quick assessment will enable you to directly compare against your current solution or envisage the performance of a new solution.

If you would like an introductory call, or require an NDA to be signed prior to sharing this information, reach out to us here.



the form

Our questions are outlined below. Feel free to skip any questions that you are unsure of - we will clarify anything we are unsure of with you.

If you prefer, you can fill in the spreadsheet linked here instead:

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Once we receive your information it will take a couple of days for our engineers to analyse your challenge and provide the following information:

  • Thermal performance estimation.
  • Mechanical design concept.
  • Budget price estimates.




Once we have shared our feedback with you, we like to setup a web call to run through any questions you have and to better explain the results of our analysis.

From there we can decide how to move forward, whether it be an iteration of the design or moving towards the first prototype.

feasibility request form

your details
the heat source

What type of component is being cooled? How many  components are being cooled? Do you have a link to a datasheet?

What is the maximum thermal power to be dissipated by the cooling system?

What is the maximum operating temperature at the surface of the component?

What is the length and width of the surface to be cooled?

the cold source

What type of cold source do you want to use? Typically air, liquid, or conduction.

What is the maximum operating temperature of the cold source?

What is the maximum available volume (length, width, and height) for the cold source?

What is the typical liquid/air flow available? Ignore this question if using a conductive plate.

the system

What is the application? What are your design goals? Do you have any specific thermal targets?

What is the estimated horizontal distance between the heat and cold source?

What is the estimated vertical distance between the heat and cold source? Use a negative value if the cold source is below the heat source.

What is the estimated alternative horizontal distance between the heat and cold  source?

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