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loop heat pipes for
data center racks


The only pump and water-free rack cooling solution.
No water No risk

Calyos uses a dielectric, safe, and green refrigerant inside our systems. This removes the risk of short circuiting expensive equipment if the lines are damaged.

high heat flux ready

Our systems are built for the latest components and can handle heat-flux hotspots up to 250W/cm². Calyos is developing solutions to take this even further.

easy to adopt

Combining standard components, with custom lines to suit your mechanical design ensures our system can be adopted on both new or existing hardware.

fit & forget

With no moving parts, our solutions are extremely reliable and inherently maintenance free. Therefore they are ideal for reliability critical environments.

100% Passive

The beauty of two-phase is the ability to harness the latent heat of vaporization, using it to power the cooling system, making it the most sustainable solution.


Adapt the system to your needs

No application is the same, hence each of our solutions is adaptable to the your specific needs and design. Below we outline how several key parts of the solution can be modified to suit the thermal challenge you face.

The Evaporator

If you have multiple heat sources we can add extra evaporators as needed, combining them into one complete system. Calyos can also adapt the size of the mounting plate to suit the component socket or PCB design.

The lines

Parallel lines provide the liquid entry and vapour exit paths from the evaporators. Their route, direction, and length can easily be customized. Flexible sections are also included to ease maintenance and installation.

The core loop

The liquid and vapour lines join a core loop using quick connectors. The core loop connects every sever in the rack together taking the heat to the condenser.

the condenser

Calyos can use any type or size of condenser, be it air (including chillers), liquid, or a conductive plate, notably including recovering the heat for another application as outlined below.

the growing importance of

Heat Recovery

Our solution is ideal for heat recovery. As we are vaporising the fluid, a two-phase solution like ours produces the highest temperature fluid possible. The higher the temperature of the fluid the better the ability to recover the heat. Combined with the fact that unlike single-phase active (pumped) cooling systems, LHP-DCR is pump-free, proving it is the most sustainable solution.

up to


of data centers are air cooled

Air is an insulator. Air cooling inside data centers is inefficient and ineffective, proving the need for change.

up to


of DC energy consumption is cooling

Switching to targeted, passive cooling can drastically reduce data center energy consumption.

up to


of cooling power is wasted

Energy is wasted because power is spent cooling rooms and racks rather than the specific components that require cooling.

the opportunity of combined heat & compute

By combining a cooling system with heat recovery you are creating the most sustainable data center cooling solution. This is the clear direction for the future and combined heat and compute offers fantastic possibilities for recovering data center heat and reusing it for other, additional applications. Heat recovery is feasible both at small and large scales, aligning with the secondary application as required.

heating buildings

Waste heat from data centers could be used to heat high-density residential or community buildings. The heat collected from a data center can be used to pre-heat a hot water system.

heating greenhouse

Waste heat from data centers could be used to heat greenhouses to grow indoor crops, especially in cities. The heat collected can be used to pre-heat HVAC systems used in such environments.

saving water

Many water cooled solutions also offer heat recovery. But they require a huge consumption of water to do so. Our system is different using a green, safe, and dielectric refrigerant instead.

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