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Battery cooling for motorsport applications


Charleroi, Belgium


October 17, 2022

Calyos' micro-channel heat pipe for batteries has been implemented in a motorsport application to enable ultra-fast charging.

Calyos, a Belgian technology company focusing on a sustainable offering for thermal management within e-mobility, computing, renewable energy and specialized niches, is delighted to share that our technology has been implemented in a motorsport series.

Calyos has developed unique two-phase cooling solutions that allow component cooling using the latent heat of vaporisation. Calyos’ technology is fully passive, does not need power nor a pump to function and offers the most sustainable thermal approach. The e-mobility industry is transforming to become electrified and sustainable.  The integration of Calyos technology in a electric motorsport vehicles therefore aligns well with these trends.

Over the past eight months, alongside an engineering partner, Calyos has been developing and producing a micro-channel heat pipe solution to provide enhanced cooling for the batteries during pit-stops. One of the goals of the design was to avoid integrating water cooling inside the modules, but it needed to integrate into the existing battery packs. The Calyos solution is 100% passive and uses a dielectric, green refrigerant inside to avoid any safety issues. The solution is also designed to be robust, simple and reliable, to ensure there is no mechanical damage during the race.

Here is what Antoine de Ryckel has to say about the project:

"At Calyos we a proud to have our technology installed on vehicles and being used under harsh conditions proving the value of our solution. The project was challenging, particularly in terms of timing, but together we have built a strong relationship with all stakeholders. I must give credit to both Calyos and our partner's engineering teams who worked closely together to get the project across the line and I believe this will provide a great foundation for future projects."

Antoine de Ryckel, CEO - Calyos

The technology has been successfully implemented, with over 650 pieces produced for a motorsport application and Calyos is now able to share this news having had the technology validated during the first couple of races. Calyos will continue to develop our industry relationships with the goal of providing  two-phase thermal expertise, design knowledge and production capabilities.

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